Who we are

Luca and Andrea were born in two cities, Naples and Bologna, with a great culinary vocation.

Chef Luca

Luca, A Neapolitan chef, he loves the many specialties of his land, carries them in his heart, eats them with his family and dreams of a restaurant where tradition and innovation can bring the charm of a millenary culinary tradition in the shadow of the two towers.

Chef Andrea

Andrea, A Bolognese chef, he falls in love with the flavors of Campania, with the excellence of the gulf and the Amalfi coast and wants to share this ambitious project with his friend.

Thus was born Alleria, a restaurant with ancient flavors which, together with traditional dishes, tells the origins and stories of the ancient city.

In a welcoming environment we will delight the palate and satisfy the need to shape social relationships. Here... we meet.